Saturday, 15 December 2012

A video clip that caught my attention

                       Title:Is Zero Even - NumberPhile

The video is about the history of zero how it was created and controversy about it.
I have learnt why zero was formed, reason why people had problems with the word zero and the conclusion whether zero is even or not.

Good "Digital" Practices

Digital Citizenship-Random Thoughts

Places I like to go in Singapore

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I enjoy going to IMM and Jurong Point as at there i can shop for things i like.At the science center, I can come close up and personal to science experiments, history and activities. It also hold memory for me as at there, i had my first robotics competition.I enjoy going to the Marina Bay Street Circuit because at there during the F1 season i am able to here the roar of the V8 engines of the Formula 1 cars. It is also the first time at there which i could see an F1 race Personal y

Friday, 14 December 2012

About Me (1)

Hi, i am Malcolm Taong.
You can call me Mal if u want like what my classmates in Primary School call me
.I enjoy swimming and playing badminton with my family members , neighbors and friends.I usually spend time playing on my computer, playing with my cards or fixing Lego pieces or wooden models.I enjoy talking to people especially to my friends on topics we both enjoy.I also like getting to action as quickly as i can as i am usually curious on what the outcome of what i am going to do is.

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                                                                                                            Malcolm Taong